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6 Tips To Keep Your Wedding Guests Dancing

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Most Brides & Grooms want their guests dancing all night. A wedding is a party after all and good parties tend to have a packed dance floor! With that in mind, here are six top tips that will help keep your wedding guests on their feet...

Good Wedding Bands

1. The First Dance

The first dance is a great way to get things moving. Ask the band to start playing immediately afterwards. Guests will be in high spirits having watched the happy couple shake their thing and already around the dance floor raring to go - much better than having the band start when your guests are scattered about the marquee...

Good Wedding Bands

2. The Band's First Song

Our bands are more than happy to give you exactly the sort of set you want. If you're keen to have a busy dance floor from the get go just let the band know! They'll be sure to kick in with an upbeat, popular song that everyone can enjoy and will quickly start dancing too...

3. Lighting

We're big into great lighting at Craft Music, nothing sets the scene quite like it. No one wants to dance to a band hidden away in a dark corner! Our wedding bands all provide simple stage lighting which invariably leads to a great atmosphere... and encourages a wild dance floor!

Good Wedding Bands

4. Staging

Our bands have played at countless weddings without stages and they have all been brilliant. That is to say if you don't feel like hiring a stage you don't have too. If, however, you have the space and the inclination then a stage can help turn a great performance into a great show. Most wedding bands won't require anything more than a very basic staging area roughly 6m x 2m.

5. Playlists Between Sets

The bands we work with include curated playlists before, between and after sets as standard! A great playlist really helps keep the atmosphere going when the band are taking a short break. If you decide to create your own Spotify playlist then great! The band can connect your phone or iPad to their PA system and cue it in for you...

6. Set Length

Typically wedding set lengths are either 2 x 1 hour or 3 x 40 mins long. We have extensively tried and tested both formats and know they will leave your guests satisfied, but not exhausted! Anything shorter and your guests won't have enough time to get in to the groove... Anything much longer and people start drifting off in search of another cocktail!

Craft Music utilises these six tips every time and always delivers a packed dance floor! Get in touch now to discuss your event. Let's get the dancing going!


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