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5 Ideas For Your First Dance...

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Craft Music has been to countless weddings up and down the country. We've seen our fair share of first dances ranging from the highly choreographed to the impromptu midnight tango. There are a million ways you can go. Here are five ideas for your first dance...

First Dance Wedding

1. Don't Have One At All

The very idea of a first dance fills some people with dread. Well, guess what... you don't have to perform a first dance at all! We've been to loads of fabulous weddings where this particular tradition was firmly crossed off the list! It's your day after all... you do you!

First Dance Wedding

2. Get Your Ushers and Bridesmaids Involved

If you like the idea of a first dance, but are still a little nervous about the whole thing then have a chat with your ushers and bridesmaids. Invite them on to the dance floor thirty seconds or so into the song. There's nothing like a bit of moral support!

First Dance Wedding

3. Confetti Canons

If you want to add a bit of pizzazz then pass around a few confetti cannons. Your guests will set them off as you start dancing showering you in a colourful cloud of fabulousness! It sure gets people fired up (we're all kids at the end of the day) and makes for a great photo. Might be worth double checking your venue is ok with this sort of tomfoolery... and ideally look for the sustainable option.

First Dance Wedding

4. Ask The Band To Perform Your Song

All the wedding bands we work with will learn and perform your favourite song as standard. Assuming it's not Bohemian Rhapsody or something equally treacherous! Dancing to live music can lend a great atmosphere to the whole event...

5. Just Go For It

We'd never in a million years pressure anyone into a first dance... but just so you know every single one we've seen has been bloody lovely. Remember that everybody in the room is on your side! So dust off your dancing shoes, rehearse the rhumba and enjoy your first dance as a married couple!

We hope the helps. Get in touch with any ideas you've had for a first dance or leave some comments below. Happy dancing!


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