Hothouse are a gypsy jazz trio forged in the beating heart of London’s famous swing music scene through a shared love of Django Reinhardt and the sound of the Selmer guitar.

The band is the brainchild of renowned gypsy guitarist and trained luthier Harry Diplock, co-founder of the London Django Collective, an originals project bringing together the top Django players from across the UK. Performing music it’s impossible not to love with irrepressible youthful energy, the trio are among Europe’s most respected virtuoso jazz-swing performers.


The wonderful chemistry that comes from their longstanding friendship both on and off stage, and their sheer love of playing together, guarantees beaming smiles and tapping toes on every show!

Bringing a fresh and modern take to swing music’s most fun and vivacious style, Hothouse’s set fuses the mid-century sound of Europe and America, intertwining the core repertoire of gypsy guitar legend Django Reinhardt together with the band’s own take on swing greats, as well as some of their own original compositions.

The band is often joined by talented friends and virtuoso guests from among the elite of London’s musicians and singers, expanding their trio lineup to a 6-piece band and beyond for a foot-thumping swing dance set.

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